50 Credits Gift Certificate


Contribute towards a passionate amateur cricketer’s dream of personal mentoring from cricket’s elites.

This gives you enough credits for a consultation with any of Proatar’s elite mentors.

The recipient of your gift sends a video of their cricket technique and/or query. They receive a personalised video packed full of advice from the elite of their choice.


Product Description

Who is this for?

  • Great for a family gift — for birthdays, holidays, or milestones
  • Great as a gift from a club or organisation — as a prize, award, or encouragement
  • Great for philanthropy — to encourage a deserving athlete

How it works:

  • Provides a single use e-code that adds 50 credits to the wallet within the Proatar app
  • The recipient needs to download and install the free Proatar app on their phone to redeem the unique e-code
  • The credits can be put towards a consultation from any available elite

Redeeming a credit gift certificate

This gift certificate gives the recipient the specified number of credits to use within the Proatar App.

  • It may take up to 24 hours for the recipient to be notified of your gift.
  • The recipient will get an email from Proatar announcing your gift. This email will give them a unique e-code and instructions (also below) on to how to activate the gift within the Proatar app.
  • The price points for mentors vary. The recipient has the choice of which mentor to spend your gift credits with.

Redeeming the code

  • This gift certificate must be redeemed within the Proatar app, which is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

  • In the Proatar app, go to the Proatar Wallet.

  • In the Proatar Wallet, add the Gift Certificate e-code (that you got by email) by tapping ‘Add Promo Code’.

  • Tap ‘Buy Proatar credits’. Now you can apply these credits against any mentor’s services, as long as there are enough credits to book that mentor.

Tips to remember when ordering

  • When ordering a Gift Certificate, make sure to enter the recipient’s email address correctly. We cannot be held responsible if the address is entered incorrectly and someone other than the intended recipient uses the Gift Certificate.
  • The e-code is not tied to the e-mail address of the recipient. So, you if you are club, company, or donor, and you don’t yet know who will receive the gift, you can send it to yourself, and give them the code later.
  • Gift Certificates ordered through our online shop will be delivered automatically by email to the address you specify at the time of order.
  • A Gift Certificate cannot be used to purchase a further Gift Certificate.
  • General offers and promotions (including discount and promotional codes) do not apply when purchasing gift vouchers.

Tips to remember when redeeming the code

  • Please keep the code safe. It can only be used once. So, don’t let others try to use the code before you!
  • We are not responsible if a Gift Certificate is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances
  • Gift Certificates expire 12 months from the date of issue. Don’t worry, we will  remind the recipient at least one month before it expires.
  • Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Credits cannot be transferred between accounts. So, only redeem it on the account you want to apply it with.
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